Julian is a very passionate leader with an infectious speaking style. He grabs your attention from the very start and his content is always valuable to his specific audience.

Mark SinatraCEO of Staff One

I had the opportunity to be one of Julian’s guests. He was very professional but kept it a fun experience. Super cool guy, made the interview easy to do, felt like a normal conversation. Very happy with how the podcast turned out in the end!

Thomas DoweidtAmerican Ninja Warrior Contestant

Julian is an awesome host and creates that rare combination of engagement, out of the box questions and complete focus during the entire podcast process. It makes magic when the guest is made to feel the host is one pointedly focused of the content of the conversation. Julian is one of those rare souls who creates that magic moment of now to draw out of you the best parts of your knowledge.

Gary De RodriguezCEO of Peopleisitic USA

So many interviewers get interesting guests and seem to try forcing conversation or worse: talk over guests. Julian has a great conversational style and excitement to what he’s doing, but he makes sure the guests are the focus. Good quality, and wonderful interviews.

Christopher GronlundWriter and Podcaster

Julian is a problem solver and a communicator. Julian has the ability to simplify extremely complex ideas into a succinct message that the audience can appreciate.

Pawan JaggiFounder & CEO of Spectra Inc