William Harton

Julian truly dives deep into each interview to uncover what makes people great and breaks it down so that anyone can apply it in their own lives, both professionally and personally. There is an awesome variety of content that everyone will enjoy. I am so glad I found his podcast! Thanks again Julian!

Ryan Waggoner

Julian is such a great interviewer, really asks interesting, non-typical questions, and tries not to just get the story of his guests’ successes, but the reasons behind the stories. The guests come from all different walks but they share a common dedication to living intentionally and thoughtfully, and Julian is awesome at really digging in […]

Zack Hooper

As someone who is both a fan and previous guest on the Pathways to Success Podcast, I can say that Julian’s style of interviewing brings out the best in his guests. Listening to his past episodes inspires and motivated me to push myself as an entrepreneur. It is a lot of fun to learn more […]

Tomasz Kwiatkowski

Julian is an extremely talented guy. He is a great listener and has a gift to connect with ease with every single one of his guests on a personal level. His energy and enthusiasm are contagious! Keep up the great work!

Baylor Barbee

I love how Julian features a variety of co-hosts and does a great job of pulling great stories, aka lessons, out of each guest. I take something applicable away from every episode. Very professional. Well done.

Yasmeen Tadia

Julian – you have really taken a remarkable outlook on startups. I am so proud of this new journey for you and can’t wait to see what we all learn from this podcast! Thanks!

Dustin Joost

Julian is the perfect balance of motivation, insight, articulation, inflection, and charm. His confidence commands the room while his energy inspires and entertains. On top of that, he’s an incredible professional to work with. His passion for helping others share their story and reach success drives him to completely embrace whatever subject he’s speaking about. […]

Kyle Hodges

As someone who has firsthand experience working with Julian, I can attest to his many skills and the many roles that he is able to take on; from speaker to networker, recruiter to consultant, colleague to friend, obstacle course racer to a person who can give great advice in a time of need. He is […]

Brock Hardman

Julian is one of those rare people who knows how to listen to what you have to say. I truly feel like his ability to captivate an audience is a direct result of his ability to listen and understand. Keep an eye on this guy. He has a lot of wisdom an value to offer.

Paul Goode

Emboldened with confidence. Both certain and humble. The most gracious voice to hit eardrums. Focused on the best possible details and eloquent with integrity.