Over the years, I’ve had the tendency to place too much emphasis on what I felt others thought about me.
Trying to adjust my life according to the expectations of others drowned out my inner voice and any uniqueness
I could bring into the world.

Recently, I’ve developed an appreciation for etymology which is study of the origin of words. A word that I find interesting is the word “genius.” On the surface level, when I think of the word genius, I think of some kind of prodigy, savant or unattainable state of being. According to the book, Aspire by Kevin Haul, “genius” comes from the Roman word, “genuinis” which means “what you were naturally born with.” Genius also shares lineage with the word genuine, or the authenticity of the self.

Therefore, genius is not an external reality, it is something that comes from within. Genius is not something
you pursue, it is something you unleash. When you unleash you inner genius, you don’t have to try to be unique because you already are. In essence, the process of becoming a genius is the process of becoming the best version of yourself.

Don’t let the world suppress the greatness that’s already inside you.

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