Do you love your work? Do you wake up every morning with passion and excitement? Does the simple act of “doing” your job give you an endless source of energy and enthusiasm?
If it doesn’t, you may want to take some time to pause and reflect. Bottle Rocket taught me the importance of doing work you love. As powerful of an idea as this is, I suppressed this notion for years because of self-doubt, the fear of failure, and the fear of looking foolish.
In 2016, I finally took a chance, faced my fear, and very publicly pursued a creative work I loved. Following my passion and falling in love with my work has been life changing. Along the way, I learned that passion alone is not enough to achieve success. It is however, a great starting point for exploration and truly getting to know yourself. To achieve the highest levels of success and fulfillment, passion must be put into action and intersect with what you love to do, what you are uniquely good at, and what helps other people.
I have so much more to learn in my journey through life but know this for sure, “Success can be experienced through self-awareness, stewardship, and service to others.”

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