219: Bob Beaudine | Author of The Power of Who

Bob Beaudine is the President and CEO of Eastman & Beaudine. He is one of the nation’s most respected search executives having conducted 100’s of searches for Fortune 500 companies, entertainment entities, professional sports organizations, non-profits, olympic bodies, and universities, among many others. Celebrating over 50 years in business, Eastman & Beaudine has been named […]

218: Why Crypto? The Apollo Difference | Matt Johnson | Founder & CEO at Apollo Crypto

Apollo is an ERC-20 token, created by Dallas-based veteran software developer and game designer, Matt Johnson, launched on January 12, 2022 and built on the popular and secure Ethereum blockchain designed to raise money to help up-and-coming creators (such as artists, content creators and streamers) get their big break, and fully controlled by the Apollo […]

217: Jonathan Campos | CTO at Alto | Career Secrets for Technologists

Jonathan Campos is the Chief Technology Officer and Vice-President of Engineering at Alto, the first employee-based rideshare company rethinking a traditionally inconsistent, gig-based industry. Jonathan an innovative and resourceful developer who keeps an endless watch on what’s next in emerging technologies. His keen eye for great user interfaces and knowledge of technical development, coupled with […]

216 : Dave Seaton | Founder & Principal at Seaton CX

Dave is a customer experience consultant, helping you create experiences your customers can’t wait to tell Mom about over Sunday brunch (or FaceTime). Even in the stodgy world of B2B, where we all pretend to be emotionless corporate robots, your customers are still beautiful, proud, slightly-neurotic humans who will shake out the corporate piggy banks […]

215: Jas Kalsi | Co-Founder and CEO at Santé bespoke

Jas Kalsi is the Co-Founder and CEO at Santé bespoke, which provides customized, premium health, and wellness solutions with exceptional service. Santé offers clinically proven supplements, rooted in science, and tailored to your unique needs. Their supplements are delivered in convenient, daily sachets and packaged in beautifully and purposefully designed boxes – to fit your […]

214: Lawrence King | CEO at Headstorm

Lawrence King is the CEO at Headstorm, a high-powered technology consultancy dedicated to building innovative technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies, fast-growing startups, and everything in between. Lawrence is a technologist at heart and since learning his first programing language, has had a genuine admiration for software developers. He started Headstorm to provide a way […]

213: ScholarShot Inc. | Dan Hooper & Nathalie Flores

Dan Hooper is the Founder & Executive Director at ScholarShot. ScholarShot was founded in 2009 by concerned business professionals, educators and community volunteers who saw numerous well-meaning college advisement and “access” programs failing at-risk students. In Texas, 9 out of 10 of these students who get into college drop out. ScholarShot has developed a proven […]

212: Eddy Badrina | CEO at Eden Green Technology

Eddy Badrina is the Chief Executive Officer of Eden Green Technology. Over the past 20 years, his career has encompassed entrepreneurial, corporate, and government roles. In 2019, Eddy took over as CEO of Eden Green Technology, which, through its vertical farming technology stack, is changing the way we farm our produce, and feed our communities. […]

211: Lieutenant Colonel Allen B. West | Texas Gubernatorial Candidate

Lt. Col. Allen West (R.) Lieutenant Colonel (Ret) Allen B. West is a Christian constitutional conservative, combat veteran, and former member of the US Congress. He is the third of four generations of military servicemen in his family. During his 22- year career in the United States Army, Lieutenant Colonel West served in several combat […]

210: Shay Rowbottom | CEO at Shay Rowbottom Marketing

  Shay Rowbottom is a digital marketing entrepreneur specializing in helping companies create organic video content to grow their social media, and attract inbound leads to increase their revenue. She has a unique approach to marketing involving a great deal of confidence work, and teaching people how to embrace who they really are on camera. […]