Do Work You Love

Do you love your work? Do you wake up every morning with passion and excitement? Does the simple act of “doing” your job give you an endless source of energy and enthusiasm? If it doesn’t, you may want to take some time to pause and reflect. Bottle Rocket taught me the importance of doing work […]

Why Passion Matters In Your Career

What an amazing experience to share with the students at North Dallas High School about the importance of discovering your unique gifts and passion to build a successful career. 

How this Podcast Became My Pathway to Success!

Had the opportunity to catch up with Jason Croft 1 year after my first appearance on his show. Without Jason, I wouldn’t have a podcast at all! It’s amazing how this podcast has radically changed my life.  

Productivity in a SNAPP!

Someone once told me, “You have the same number of hours in the day as Jay Z. But he’s way more awesome than you.” A little insulting but I get the point. Everyone has the same number of hours in the day as the most successful people in the world. The difference however is how […]

34: Dr. Adrian James Tan – Co-author of Million Dollar Muscle

  This week I interviewed Dr. Adrian James Tan, the co-author of Million Dollar Muscle, a book that offers a sociological perspective on the fitness industry, discussing how it is driven both by market forces and the culture of individual consumerism. Listen to full interview