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Russ Riddle is a senior legal executive with 12 years of in-house and 14 years of law firm experience in guiding C-Suite leaders and senior managers through the legal gauntlets of modern business.

His law practice has served such notable clients as Barney® the purple dinosaur, Bob the Builder®, Thomas the Tank Engine®, the voices of Jimmy Neutron® and Larry the Cucumber®, as well as countless companies and entrepreneurs.

Russ is a past president of the North Texas Chapter of the National Speakers Association and currently serves nationally as Chair of NSA’s Chapter Leadership Committee.

He’s the author of two books: Lawyer Up – The Smart Way and Persuasive vs. Abrasive – The judges have ruled, as well as the intellectual property manual Corral Your Cash Cow.

On this episode, we discuss how to improve your ability to negotiate and persuade.

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