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Dylan Rafaty is the Founder & Chief Navigation Officer at DylanListed. DylanListed leads the way in providing Transition Support Services for Families of People with Disabilities and assisting Businesses achieve Disability Diversity & Inclusion initiatives. Dylan is also the Founder, Executive Director/Chairman of DylanListed Connect. DLC is a Texas 501c3 Nonprofit membership-based organization focused on Cross-Disability Community Building, Social Engagement with Abled Population through Community Education. Lastly, Dylan serves on a number of local, state and international boards to assist organizations, school districts and governments.
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  1. Dylan we are all so proud of you!!! Happy New Year…2018 will be an amazing and rewarding year for your new adventures!!!

    1. Thanks for your comment Carrie! Dylan is such an amazing person and I’m honored to have had him on the podcast.

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