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Jay Wong is a serial entrepreneur, business advisor, real estate investor and host of The Inner Changemaker; rated #1 Self-Help Podcast on iTunes.

Jay’s mission is to create empowering media that summarizes all of the great lessons covered in on his show by other successful changemakers, in hopes that these combined journeys will help business owners grow their business through online marketing and elevate their leadership.

With interviews from game-changing entrepreneurs such as Bob Proctor (The Secret (movie)) Sean Stephenson (American Therapist and top Motivational Speaker), Lisa Nichols (personal development giant) Grant Cardone (Multi-millionaire and real estate mogul) and many other prominent names around the world, it’s no surprise that his podcast sits consistently on top of the podcasting charts and is actively listened to in 123+ countries.

In October 2016, his podcast was even featured at Toronto Downtown’s busiest intersection, Yonge and Dundas square, highlighting the message of what can happen when you begin to tackle the seemingly impossible in life.

He recently got named as one of the top 40 Millennial Influencers to follow in 2018 and regularly inspires audiences of entrepreneurs, change makers, and thought leaders at some of the most prestigious conferences and seminars around the world.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • Lessons learned from interviewing high impact achievers like Grant Cardone, Sean Stephenson and Lisa Nichols
  • How to find your gifts and leverage them for maximum achievement
  • How to move from fear to personal power
  • How being Asian has become an unfair advantage
Connect with Jay:
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Make sure to checkout Jay’s NEW audio training: “How To Be The Leader You Truly Are”: https://theinnerchangemaker.com/leadership

2 Responses

  1. This is one of the BEST interviews I have ever been on. THANK for showing up the way you did and for asking some powerful questions!
    Can’t wait for more Asians and ethnic groups to hear 😉

    1. I’m incredibly humbled by your comment! Without exaggeration, you are one of the best communicators I’ve ever seen. I’m so impressed with how you are using your gift to serve people all around the world. Keep in touch Jay. I’m a huge fan of yours!

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