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About Joel Widmer: 
Digital Marketing Strategist and entrepreneur Joel Widmer understands how to help businesses systematize marketing success. He is the Founder & CEO of Dallas-based Fluxe Digital Marketing—a marketing shop that specializes in helping companies turn their best ideas into consistent content for lead generation and retention without writing a word.
Fluxe was started after Widmer saw too many brilliant people and businesses struggle through the same grind year after year—trying to create their own content and market it. Especially when they know they should be working on growing their business – not writing another article. The problem is outsourcing content isn’t reliable and doing it right internally means hiring a team for the research, writing, graphics, editing, publishing and promotion. Then you’re left to manage the process every month.
That’s where Fluxe comes in. Fluxe works by helping smart businesses create, produce & promote world-class content through a customized, one-on-one interview process. This unique process ultimately saves Widmer’s clients valuable time without sacrificing the client’s writing style. Fluxe becomes your full dedicated content marketing team for less than one employee.
In addition, Widmer loves teaching and has created multiple online courses for 15,000+ students.
Based in Grapevine, Texas, with roots in Oregon and Tennessee, when he’s not pursuing his passion for helping amazing companies communicate ideas and stories, you can find him trying a new restaurants, snowboarding and spending time with his wife and son.
  • Building an effective marketing strategy vs flying by the seat of your pants
  • The process (or struggle) of brainstorming, researching and coming up with new content consistently
  • Finding the way you create content the most naturally. Not everyone is a writer, there’s many other ways to create great content other than writing
  • Promoting your content to get it seen by the right people
  • Generating leads, optimizing your website, SEO, email sequences and automation and all that nerdy stuff
  • Building authority and thought leadership in an age where anybody can claim anything
  • What it takes to build REAL authority
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