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Kyle Martin is a Personal Trainer, Fitness Entrepreneur and former Competitive Bodybuilder. In 2009, Kyle placed 4th at the Ronnie Coleman Classic teen division. Dissatisfied with anything but 1st place, he sought mentorship to improve his weaknesses and went back to training harder than ever. The following year, Kyle achieved his 1st place win at the 2010 Ronnie Coleman Classic teen division.

When Kyle was 15 years old, he was 6ft tall and 150 lbs. Since then, he has gained 80 lbs of lean muscle and dropped over 16 lbs body fat. Today, he helps others achieve their fitness goals through proper nutrition, exercise, goal setting and personal development. On this episode, we discuss what it takes to make permanent changes to your physical and mental fitness.

As a Fitness Entrepreneur always looking to improve his business and serve more people, Kyle was featured on Valuetainment, the hit YouTube Channel of the prodigious entrepreneur, Patrick Bet-David (19:00).

Connect with Kyle Martin:
Email: kylemartin@goldenagebodybuilding.net

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