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Trevor is the co-founder of Becomethelion.com, which was ranked one of the top motivational blogs in 2016 and has garnered over 490,000 fans on social media.

Trevor is the host of the Become The Lion Podcast, where he’s interviewed highly successful entrepreneurs including Mike Dillard, Joel Brown, Chris Ducker, John Lee Dumas, Tim Sykes, Jon Gordon and many more.

Trevor co-authored the book, The Daily Lion and has been a contributor to various online publications including Addicted2Success, Influencive and The Daily Positive.

Having just turned 20 years old a few months before the recording of this podcast, Trevor is living proof that your age doesn’t matter when it comes to achieving success.


  • The entrepreneurial mindset
  • The smart way to approach education
  • How to bounce back from failure
  • Learning from mistakes
  • The importance of mentors
  • Meditation
  • Dealing with fear
  • Online marketing
  • How to grow your social following

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