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Deirdre Sanborn is a leadership coach, business consultant, corporate event speaker, and the host of The Ambition Project Show. She leverages over 20 years experience as an executive in the investment banking industry working with Fortune 500 companies to provide strategic value and insight to her clients. Deirdre firmly believes that clear, open conversations are the secret weapon that fuels growth in any business. It is the reason why top clients work with you, elite talent sticks with you, and your company profits year after year. Her mantra: “Relationships are the deal”.

What you will learn: 

Deirdre’s Mission: 

To help business leaders build inspired businesses that support them, their family, their employees and their community.

What Deirdre does for her clients:

She advises business owners about employing the best of “big company” practices to help their team think strategically about expanding their business, optimize performance and access capital to fund the company’s growth objectives. 

Who Deirdre works with: 

Her programs are designed for motivated business leaders who want to grow and build a company or team that frees them up to do only what they love to do most in their business. It’s a process that will show you how to multiply your income, freedom, and take your company to the next level. 

Specialties: Leadership Coaching, Strategic Planning, Communication, P&L Management, Mergers & Acquisitions, Divestitures, Structured Finance, Banking Relationships, Investor Relations & Mentoring.

Email: deirdre@deirdresanborn.com

Website: http://deirdresanborn.com

Twitter: @deirdre_sanborn

The Ambition Project Show Podcast: http://www.theambitionprojectshow.com/

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