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Stephanie J. Bond is a survivor. After experiencing personal heartbreak of unfathomable proportions, she has dedicated her life to helping others transcend through their own personal tragedy.

Stephanie’s husband struggled with mental illness throughout the last several years of their marriage. As his illness escalated, violence and abuse gradually crept into their home. In 2010, her marriage ended with an attempted murder and his suicide. Stephanie was shot three times and suffered life-threatening injuries. Her family was broken. Her community was divided. She lost her multi-million dollar business, leaving her with few financial resources to raise four children.

Stephanie is proof that even with financial stability and other privileges, domestic violence and mental illness can still destroy everything. Through all of this, she refuses to be typecast as a victim. Her unique perspective as a caregiver, her need for resilience, and her belief in the power of faith —especially during times of unimaginable grief—is shared with raw transparency and authenticity.

Stephanie shares her story to shed light on improving the way to view, act, and care for those afflicted with mental illness. She shares her story to help navigate a way out from domestic violence. She shares her story to inspire others to rise above their personal struggles.

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E-Mail: stephaniejbond@yahoo.com

Resources: http://www.genesisshelter.org/

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