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Wilfredo Placino is an international banking expert whose signature has created millions for his clients, himself and his family. Wilfredo is one of the most successful and sought after bankers in the Philippines. On this episode we discuss the critical steps to mastering personal finance and succeeding in business. 

What you will learn: 

Extended bio and achievements: 

WAP & Partners Corporate Services, Inc.

Financial Advisory and Arranger for Milestone Paper Products, Inc. for the debt acquisition of Intercontinental Paper Products, Inc. (PHP850M), Pacific Wide Realty and Development Corp. for the debt acquisition of Silahis International Hotel, Inc. (PHP166M) and YH Green Energy for a project finance on solar power (PHP1.350B)

Financial Advisory and Arranger for the debt acquisition and restructuring of Steel Asia Mfg. Corp. (PHP5.6B), Primary Steel (PHP774M) and Mejore Woodworks/Industrial Development Corp. (PHP900M)

Adviser for the debt acquisition of the portfolio sale from Metrobank (PHP7.2B) for Cameron Granville Asset Management (SPV-AMC), Inc. (owned by HVB & Uno Credito)

Arranger for the acquisition of the shareholdings of KGL Investments in 2Go by Undenna Corp. (USD120M) and joint sale of Nesium Wheels Mfg., Inc. and Commercial Wheel Plating, Inc. (PHP360M), K2 Band Mfg., Inc. (PHP6M) and Sizzling Seafood (PHP30M)

Financial Advisory for the debt restructuring of Arc Men Industries, Inc. (PHP280M), Container Corporation of the Philippines (PHP250M), Victoria Export and Import, Inc. (PHP550M) and TSB Enterprises, Inc. (PHP120M)

Financial and Management Advisory for Nesium Wheels Mfg., Inc., Commercial Wheel Plating, Inc., Mondera Wheels, TSB Enterprises, Inc., Arc Men Industries, Inc., Leather Elegance, Sin Sin Philippines, Networkx Jetsports, Woosam Corp., Dtech Management, Inc., Mercedes Seoul Printing Corp., Alert/Tenessee/Access Group of Companies and TSB Enterprises, Inc.

Fund raising for Phoenix Petroleum Philippines, Inc. (PHP1.3B), Steel Asia Mfg. Corp. (PHP800M), Industries Development Corp. (PHP160M), Nesium Wheels Mfg., Inc. (PHP260MM), REN Transport (PHP60M), Leather Elegance (PHP60M) and Arc Men Industries, Inc. (PHP120M)

Investment Advisory for a PHP120M property acquisition of KRL Land, a subsidiary of Kewalram, a Singapore based property company, PHP30M investment by Asiapro for the distributorship of Kreamline Ice

Cream, Joint Venture of WCC Aeronautical and Aviation Company with Mil-Com Aerospace Group of Singapore and advisory on land use for a 2 hectare property owned by the Chua family.

Resource speaker on Financial Planning for selected travel agencies sponsored by Philippine Airlines Resource speaker on Financial Engineering for Ateneo de Manila University Graduate School of Business

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  1. Hi Julian! Thank you for conducting this special interview with your uncle. We were able to rub elbows with him last Saturday, at Clark Global City. He is indeed true to his words about having well-meaning connections with everyone. We were just looking around when he approached us, invited us to occupy the next table, offered us beers and snacks, and spared some minutes to chat with us. It was really a humbling experience. For him, it might have been an ordinary thing to do but for me, he already made a great impact; hence, I’ve been looking through his profile and stumbled upon your podcast. Now I’m consuming not only the beer and the snacks but also the wisdom he shared on this episode and I shall continue following him in the hopes that I too, will have the ‘success’ he defined spot on.

  2. Wow thank you for this comment Cath! I’m glad that you were able to meet my uncle, Tito Freddie. He is a very talented and accomplished businessman and a great all around human being. He continues to inspire me to strive for excellence in my own entrepreneurial endeavors. Thanks again for this comment. Have a wonderful Christmas holiday and and a happy new year!

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