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Brittany Hanks, also known as the Blue Ninja, was a competitor on season 8 of the hit TV show, American Ninja Warrior. She was one of the few selected from thousands of applicants because of her elite level athleticism combined with her inspiring life story. 

Brittany has been a life long athlete competing in soccer, softball, basketball, track, volleyball, gymnastics and cheerleading. 

She’s faced many adversities in life including dealing with the passing away of family members, turbulent moves at an early age and even injuries that could have ended her fitness career. 

Despite these challenges, Brittany says, “I don’t see anything as an accident. Everything happens for a reason.” 

It’s because of her mental toughness, incredible work ethic and iron will that Brittany has bounced back from adversity and now trains harder than ever before to achieve even greater heights in her fitness and professional career. 

The Blue Ninja is truly an inspiring human being and an exceptional role model to young women (and men) who are looking to do something great in life. 

What you will learn: 

– How “negative” life events make you stronger

– The Blue Ninja’s advice for young women 

– Why fear is a choice 

– Brittany’s American Ninja Warrior experience

– How to push past adversity against all odds 

– How growing up in a small town can lead to big things

– The Blue Ninja’s fitness regimen 

– Gymnastics 101 

– How to do your first handstand 

– The Blue Ninja’s surprising favorite food!


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