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Aaron Janx is an in-demand Business and Sales Mentor for coaches and consultants around the world in many different industries. Aaron owns and operates three businesses including a successful real estate investment company which has allowed him to become financially free to follow his passion. Aaron’s passion is mentoring coaches & consultants by teaching them lead generation and sales skills to rapidly build a strong six figure practice. Before Aaron started his businesses, he was a sales director and trainer who won many sales awards and broke sales records with a Fortune 500 company. While employed he was young, naive and lived beyond his means. Aaron quickly went through his savings and became flat broke after parting ways with that company. Humiliated, depressed and defeated, Aaron reluctantly went on food stamps just to feed his wife and four kids. Today, Aaron attributes his remarkable turnaround and success to his cutting edge sales skills, which as he describes, “took him from food stamps to freedom.”

What you will learn: 

Aaron’s reading recommendation:

Pitch Anything: An Innovative Method for Presenting, Persuading, and Winning the Deal by Oren Klaff

Learn more about Aaron Janx:
Website: http://www.aaronjanx.com/
Podcast: http://bit.ly/AaronJanxPodcast

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