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Dave is a customer experience consultant, helping you create experiences your customers can’t wait to tell Mom about over Sunday brunch (or FaceTime).

Even in the stodgy world of B2B, where we all pretend to be emotionless corporate robots, your customers are still beautiful, proud, slightly-neurotic humans who will shake out the corporate piggy banks for more Mom-worthy experiences.

Dave’s proudest moments on a project involved flying 4,768 miles, driving hundreds more, and surviving a high-speed Uber ride down Bourbon Street to collect “Voice of the Customer” feedback for a B2B SaaS company. Using that insight, he transformed the customer support experience and made the company $991k in annual recurring revenue.

He won the 2020 North American Customer Centricity Award for that project, a chunky black mini-monolith he still uses as a bookend to hold up his dog-eared copy of Matt Dixon’s Effortless Experience.

Dave lives in Grapevine, Texas, with his lovely wife and three adorable screaming children. He’s hiked eleven National Parks and has fifty-two more to go.

– Customer Experience (CX)
– Leadership (Leading By Influence, Emotional Intelligence)
– Curiosity (Lifelong learning, developing super-powers)

Connect with Dave:
– www.seatoncx.com
– www.daveseatonleadership.com
– www.linkedin.com/in/daveseaton
– www.twitter.com/seatoncx

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