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Dr. Kyle Hoedebecke is a Certified Physician Executive with 20 years of leadership experience optimizing key metrics such as quality, safety, member satisfaction, cost reduction, and access to healthcare. His innovative processes and outcomes have been recognized by key leaders across the business world. Speaking 4 languages, Kyle has mentored medical professionals in over 120 different countries. He specializes in advising startups as well as small-to-medium size businesses. Kyle serves as a Senator of the World Business Angel Investment Forum where he represents the United States. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians and has over 75 peer-reviewed publications across 5 continents in 8 languages. His expertise includes healthcare technology, leadership, and improved systemic efficiencies. Other ancillary work includes serving on the editorial boards of three peer-reviewed journals as well as teaching as an Assistant Professor. Beyond his board certification in Family Medicine, his additional studies include four master degrees in business, public administration, leadership, and telemedicine.

On this episode, we’ll discuss Dr. Kyle’s keys to personal success and his latest venture with COVIMRO, which can “Knock out any virus with zero side effects.”

Keys to Success:
✓ Sharing The Wealth
✓ Energy / Time Management
✓ Learn Always


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