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Lawrence King is the CEO at Headstorm, a high-powered technology consultancy dedicated to building innovative technology solutions for Fortune 500 companies, fast-growing startups, and everything in between. Lawrence is a technologist at heart and since learning his first programing language, has had a genuine admiration for software developers. He started Headstorm to provide a way for developers to do their best work and be properly rewarded by empowering them in their professional growth. Today, consultants are Headstorm’s most valuable asset – each team member stays ahead of the curve with intense training, knowledge-sharing practices, and an environment that promotes technical growth, teamwork, and a strong understanding of business ecosystems.

On this episode, we’ll discuss:

✓ The Inside out growth mindset
✓ Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable
✓ “Those that matter don’t mind, and those that mind don’t matter.”

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