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Jarrad Abshire is a small business expert and Executive Consultant with Ambit Energy, a billion dollar energy retailer and one of the largest direct selling companies in the world.

He wasn’t always a savvy and financially successful entrepreneur. He started off his working career has a high school band director. As a high school band director, he realized that he was facing a future of working 30-40 years and then retiring on 40% of the income he had been accustomed to making so he started looking for another way to create supplemental income.

After 4.5 years of working a very unique business opportunity only a part time basis, he was able to completely replace his income from teaching. He’s now created a lifelong passive income that has surpassed a 30-40 year retirement income from teaching. He and his wife are now stay at home parents and entrepreneurs with their 2 year old son.

Now he’s teaching others the benefits of entrepreneurship and how they too can set themselves finically free.

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