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Amber Kidwai is a Recruitment and Job Search Expert with over 10 years experience in the staffing industry. After graduating with a degree in Psychology from UCL – a university ranked #3 in the UK, and #7 in the world, she went on to pursue a Masters in Organizational Psychology which inspired her to apply psychology best practices in the workplace. She began her career as a Career Coach, helping individuals identify career paths and navigate those careers. Seeing the profound effect career choices can have on an individual’s sense  fulfillment and satisfaction in life, she realized she wanted to continue guiding people to hear their inner voice and follow their dreams, with real steps and tangible goals to help them get there.

 After moving to the US, she applied her career coaching and consulting skills in the world of staffing. She has gained experience and expertise in Recruitment which she applies everyday as a Partner in Lee Professional Resources, a boutique staffing firm. Amber acts as a trusted advisor to individuals, guiding them through the myriad of opportunities and helping them find the next right step in their career, as well as advising Organizations on how to manage their hiring process and market themselves to attract and subsequently hire the best talent.

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