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On this episode, Kristi and I discuss her entrepreneurial journey, lessons learned, and keys to success in business and life.

Kristi Berryhill is a Real Estate Professional with 10+ years of experience in apartment locating and residential housing. She’s helped over 30,000 clients find their home(s) in Texas and Colorado and mentored many aspiring realtors to be successful in their careers. Currently, she has a team that personalizes the real estate journey for each client and plans to scale her company to other domestic and international markets.

Having a passion for helping the real estate industry evolve, Kristi founded Lux Locators, an apartment locating company, which removes the stress and hassle in finding an apartment by personalizing and humanizing the journey. Kristi is truly an advocate for her clients. Whether they are buying, selling, or renting, she works tirelessly to promote their best interests. Her company provides state-of-the-art technology and team collaboration to assist her clients to be well-informed tenants or buyers.

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