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Zack Hooper is the Co-founder and Principal of NPC Commercial Roofing, one of the fastest-growing new roofing companies in Texas. Zack considers himself a perpetual student and master of sales, and credits a significant amount of his ability to sell to his experience as a stand-up comedian.

Starting stand-up as a college student in 2009, Zack learned a great deal about how to connect with people in the best way he knew how; by making them laugh! When he decided not to pursue his intended path into professional comedy, Zack bounced around different jobs, lost and unsure about what direction to take before ultimately deciding to start his own business with his brother. On top of running their company, Zack is taking his story and lessons learned to universities and churches, talking to students about understanding the sales process and applying it to their own search for employment.

On this episode, Zack shares his experiences in Stand-up comedy and how it has helped his professional career.

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