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Dawn Shannon has the heart of an entrepreneur. But for years, she remained a “hidden entrepreneur”. Even though she knew she was meant for more, she wasn’t exactly sure what that meant until she heard about the professional coaching industry.

After more than 300 hours of training, she became a Certified Professional Coach and started her coaching business on the side. When her mother unexpectedly passed away in 2016 she realized that life is too short to continue to play small so she took a leap of faith and left her corporate job to pursue her dreams full time.

Now, she works with others who have taken the same leap of faith but are struggling to stay focused and find their rhythm in this new role. Her clients are high achieving visionaries, entrepreneurs and go-getters who are overwhelmed and frustrated by all of the things on their To-Do list that never seem to get done.

Dawn helps her clients get focused on their high priority goals, create doable action plans where they can get more done in 30 days than most people do in 90, and she walks alongside them in their journey providing support, encouragement, guidance and that “kick in the pants accountability” we all need to achieve our big dreams.


1. Clarifying your ideal vision to manifest your dreams
2. Creating a doable plan
3. Executing your plan through accountability


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