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Gus Kalathakis is a network marketing professional, weight loss specialist, lifestyle transformation coach, with an inspirational story of survival. He built a multiple six-figure bank account before the age of 30 as a restaurant owner, social media marketer, professional poker player, and real estate investor only to watch it all come crashing down after a devastating back injury that left him physically and spiritually hurt, depressed, 50 lbs overweight and 6-figures in debt. This was all just 7 short years ago. Since then, he’s had a complete transformation physically, spiritually, and financially.

He has overcome more than 6-figures of debt, created a residual online income, has beat the battle of depression and anxiety, and restored his physical health without need for back surgery. Gus credits his faith for his complete transformation and today helps free others from spiritual, mental, physical, and financial pain through his businesses.

On this episode, we discuss discuss how Gus completely transformed his life and how you
can do it too.

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