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Christina Rossini is a sales professional with 10 years of experience in telecom and IT consulting sales. She’s consulted with middle market companies throughout the country, enhancing their data & voice network infrastructure keeping cost containment and operational viability at the forefront.

Leveraging her sales and business experience from her telecom career—and following an origin trip to a coffee co-op in Chiapas, Mexico–Christina created the distribution firm, Innisor International, to mobilize the social impact co-op to go to market in the USA. She imports and distributes Arabica coffee, soap, honey, chocolate and hand-embroidered products across multiple sales channels nationwide. Christina works alongside indigenous smallholder farmers and producers to address their two biggest challenges: a just, sustainable income; and large market access. Christina leads Inissor International in collaboration with UN Sustainable Development Goals and Conscious Capitalism.

Christina is the founder of Lighthouse Partners, where she builds communities surrounding international, faith-based group spiritual tourism. She creates peak moments centered on spiritual and religious travel for pastors, choir groups, bible studies, and lay people throughout the world. She has escorted group sizes of 5-40 passengers to pilgrimage destinations including Mexico, Israel, France, and Italy.

Guided by her mission of living an intentional life, everything she does centers her core values of gratitude, community, and peak moments. These themes are also braided into her philanthropic work as chair of the Holy Trinity Catholic School board, board member of Conscious Capitalism Dallas chapter, keynote speaker and advocate for the National Kidney Foundation, and executive committee member of Heritage Oak Cliff. Christina reads non-fiction, enjoys sauvignon blanc, and resides in Oak Cliff, with her husband Mark and their blue heelers, Sadie and Brinkley.

1. Lessons learned from hiking the 500-mile Camino de Santiago
2. How Christina prepared her corporate exit to make her side hustle her full-time entrepreneurial career
3. The importance of seeking and creating communities in life

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