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Cheri Garcia is the Founder of Cornbread Hustle, a staffing agency for second chances. Cheri is passionate about helping felons and people in recovery find transformation through employment and entrepreneurship. As someone who has re-invented her own life, Cheri wanted to create a company to help others do the same. Before starting Cornbread Hustle, Cheri found her own transformation and recovery through inventing a tanning bed and getting a career in the TV news industry. Cheri developed expert level skills for marketing and PR. She uses those talents to help individuals getting out of prison re-brand themselves to become the person they want to be and get noticed by the people they want to meet. Cheri also is a PR consultant for Mark Cuban companies, and provides strategy plans and media opportunities for a variety of the Shark Tank companies.

What you will learn:

1. Why companies should hire felons
2. Prison stories – of teaching them inside the walls and outside the walls
3. How to build your personal brand
4. How to empower your employees to thrive in jobs they may not love

Connect with Cheri:

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