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Ali Boone is a 9-to-5 dropout who left a high-paying career as an Aerospace Engineer to start her own business. She is the founder of Hipster Investments, a real estate investment company that truly flips real estate investing on its head. Not only does Hipster offer unique investment opportunities that open the door for anyone to invest in real estate, but Ali has structured Hipster in such a way that allows her full freedom to create the life of her dreams. (She reluctantly admits sleeping- in is a major part of her current dream life…)

Ali has Master’s degrees in both Aerospace Engineering and Spiritual Psychology. She has written over 170 articles for BiggerPockets.com—the world’s leading real estate investing website. She has been featured in Fox Business and The Motley Fool, has over 300k views on her Calculating Rental Property Numbers video on YouTube, has sold over 200 copies of her Turnkey Rental Properties 101 eBook, and was awarded Top 100 Real Estate Investing Blogs & Websites on the Web. If you ask Ali what her biggest accomplishment is though, she’ll tell you it’s that she successfully created a completely location-independent business that allows her to live wherever she wants, travel whenever she wants, work whenever she wants (or doesn’t want), and most importantly—she is her own boss. She is a firm believer in lifestyle design and the freedom and happiness that comes with it—and she’s certainly become an expert at living it!

Ali’s strengths are in organic business building, passive income, outsourcing, and lifestyle design. She also does business consulting where she specializes in looking at the puzzle pieces of struggling businesses and, using her engineering background and experience as a successful entrepreneur, helps fit those puzzle pieces back together in a way that best supports the client and their business.

When Ali isn’t helping people buy real estate or coaching other entrepreneurs, she is usually flying airplanes around Santa Monica (and teaching other people to fly as well), hanging out in the SoCal outdoors whether it be the beach or the ski slopes, hanging out with her little Pekingese dog, Harley, or volunteering in California prisons where she works directly with the inmates teaching them principles of spiritual psychology and methods of finding internal freedom.

Amidst her busy schedule, her ultimate goal is to one day challenge Tim Ferriss to a lifestyle design duel.

On this episode, we discuss lifestyle design, passive income, and entrepreneurship.

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