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Kim is a West Texas girl through and through still residing in her home town of Odessa, TX. Since 1991, she has been a steady figure in her community as a Fitness and Nutrition expert with backgrounds in twirling, dance, aerobics, figure body building, cooking, running, and 70.3 Ironman triathlons. It’s been Kim’s passion to help others achieve their fitness and health goals through personal traininggroup exercisenutritional counseling and programshealthy cooking classes, videos, writing, life coaching, and more.

Kim owns “Get Fit With Kim, L.L.C.” and “Cooking with Kim” for which she has been awarded the Odessa American Reader’s Choice Award for Best Chef in 2013, 2014, and 2016.

She is the author of FITNESS. FOOD. FAITH: Your Eternal “Why” for Everlasting Results and the How to Eat Pie, Too! Cookbook which features deliciously healthy recipes from her award-winning cooking classes. Kim is also a monthly contributor for the health and wellness magazine, “Be Well Magazine.”

Kim is a regular on the CBS Lifestyle TV show, “Studio 7,” where she shares her real-life solutions and tips for healthy living and cooking.

She is dedicated to serving her community through service on local boards, missions, corporate wellness programs, and speaking engagements. Her passion for teaching kids about exercise, nutrition, and health extends into her home Church and their extended missions in other countries.

Kim’s philosophy is:

Get help with what you don’t know. Do the best you can. Pray over the rest, and move on with life. She believes to truly be healthy, one must continue to grow in mind, body, and spirit through healthy lifestyle changes.  She is passionately committed to helping others adopt a healthier lifestyle while ensuring they achieve their desired results through any of the services she offers.

Kim’s certifications include:


  1. Getting healthy doesn’t have to be super hard or time consuming. I love offering a fresh approach to fitness and nutrition that’s “real” and achievable.
  2. Setting yourself up for success or failure lies in your perspective NOT your will power.
  3. How faith plays a vital role in your overall and long term health: my struggle with emotional eating and competitiveness (rooted in self-worth issues) that lead to my quitting the sport of Triathlon and ultimately writing my book.

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