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Hollen Meyer is a Doctor of Chiropractic. She’s been an employee, a business owner – created a J.O.B. for herself, then expanded her practice with a team of doctors.  This has also allowed her to follow her passion and her calling to increase her reach for “exponentially healing.”  She has since created an online health & wellness program (“Own Your Health Revolution”), she’s the spokesperson for Functional Health & Wellness, along with mentoring other healthcare professionals across the nation on increasing their revenue streams for a better quality of care for our planet.

Dr. Hollen Meyer is a transformational Speaker to inspire doctors and communities to take ownership of their position in life in order to create a revolution for an upgrade in their future and their influence.  She has been interviewed on CBS multiple times, featured in many magazines, as well as a guest of numerous radio shows.

  • Creator of “Own Rev 90” – 90 Day Challenge of Total Health (Mind, Body, Spirit)
  • Creator of “Own Your Health Revolution” – Online Wellness Program (Mind, Body, Spirit)
  • Co-Founder, ‘Get Outta Your Head’ Health Empowerment Seminar Series
  • Creator, Multiple Revenue Streams for Doctors
  • Transformational Speaker / Educator / Influencer / Entrepreneur
  • Interviewed on CBS – ‘Changing the Face of Healthcare’
  • Interviewed on CBS – guest on the Show – ‘Focus on Health’
  • Featured in Frisco Style Magazine, “Women in Business”
  • Featured in The Best in Collin County Magazine, “Top Doctors”
  • Featured in Gigare’ Magazine, “Top 25 Minds to Follow in 2017”
  • Featured in ‘Voyage Dallas’ Magazine:  July 2017 issue

Connect with Dr. Hollen Meyer:

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