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Mike Leduc is a very accomplished software engineering leader with over 20 years of experience. He was former the Vice President of Software Engineering for Bottle Rocket Studios, a mobile app development company that has produced some of the highest quality mobile apps in the world. At Bottle Rocket, he managed the software engineering group which consisted of iOS, android, sever, web and quality assurance professionals. In addition to providing strategic and tactical leadership, he has hired, trained and mentored some of best software engineering talent in the market.

He has an uncanny ability to recognize engineering talent then groom them to becoming world class software engineers. Several of his proteges have gone off to work for companies like Apple, Twitter, Amazon and many other amazing companies. Although a significant portion of his career has been spent in leadership roles, he is certainly not afraid to get his hands dirty in code. Quoting from his linked in page, “I am, and will, always be, an engineer at heart. Scratch me and I bleed code.”

Mike is a brilliant software engineering leader and an incredible coach and mentor. In this episode, he gives great career advice for computer science students and entry level programmers looking to build a career in software development.

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